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Spa & Aromatherapy

New age medicine has been gaining increasing popularity in recent years. The medical community used to turn a blind eye to what it considered "non-clinical" procedures. But spa & aromatherapy have been making huge waves, because the positive results they produce are hard to dispute.

What are spa & aromatherapy?
The term "spa" applies to any treatment or relaxation center that focuses on regenerating and rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul. Traditionally, spas offer massages, heat treatment, yoga classes, saunas, and other popular relaxation activities. At many spas, there is a spiritual or Eastern philosophy that pervades. Thus your relaxation is also of a healing nature.

Aromatherapy is another popular relaxation discipline with purported healing properties. Using oils, candles, and incense, an aromatherapy expert can transport you to a state of extreme calm and bliss. Aromatherapy is also deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy, so the focus is often on centering a person's energy and ridding the body of negativity and stress.

Working in spa & aromatherapy
Although you might be a healer by nature, most employers will require that you complete formal training before they hire you as a specialist. An education in this field is relatively easy to complete. In recent years, there has been a steady proliferation of new age healing schools across the country. In addition, many schools offer online classes, so you can live anywhere in the world. With growing distrust of the pharmaceutical industry and the rising costs of health care, don't be surprised if more and more patients start knocking on your door for help.

Publish date: February 10, 2011