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Special FX

What would a summer blockbuster be the without special FX? Moviegoers demand excitement, extravagance, and big budget films. Movie magic must constantly dazzle people in order to satisfy the public's seemingly unquenchable thirst for bigger, faster, and louder. From King Kong to War of the Worlds, special FX have helped transport ordinary people to far off, fantastic places. If you want to contribute to this exciting field, now is the perfect time to join.

What are special FX?
In the old days, special FX relied on camera tricks, miniature cities, claymation, and other rudimentary techniques. These days however, movie magic starts with the computer. You can make an entire universe using a keyboard and mouse. And the scary thing is, this virtual universe is sometimes more realistic than the universe in which you currently live. You can make lifelike dinosaurs, ancient Roman cities, or galactic battles without getting out of your chair.

A career in special FX
Movies are not the only industry that uses special FX. Television, computer games, and even cell phones rely on special FX. Regardless of what area or industry you want to work in, most employers will expect that you have completed at least some level of formal training. Not only must you understand computer programming, but you must also possess a creative eye. Graphic design or 3-D art are popular avenues that some students pursue. If you really want to excel, you should train in all of the above. With degree(s) in hand, you can start creating universes of your own.

Publish date: February 10, 2011