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Sport Management

Sports are exciting to watch. It's fun to cheer for your team as you eat hotdogs and commune with your fellow fans in the stands. It's fun to wear your favorite jersey as you heckle the players of the other team. Whether your side wins or loses, hopefully you always enjoy yourself and go home with a happy heart. In order for all of this to happen, there needs to be good sport management.

What is sport management?
Whether it is baseball, basketball, golf, figure or skating, a sport is a business. A team or player must be able to draw sufficient crowds in order for the sport to continue operating. Successful teams bring in a lot of money while unsuccessful teams usually suffer from poor fan support. If you are sport manager, your job is to make your team a winning team. Thus, you make sure that your team practices effectively. You make certain that they have the equipment and uniforms required. In short, you oversee every aspect of the team. Not surprisingly, this is a job that requires both business acumen and a deep understanding of whatever sport is involved. Most people only have one or the other, which is why sport management programs are becoming so popular.

Studying in a sport management program
By studying in a sport management program, you'll master the requisite skills needed to propel your team to victory (both athletic and financial). The best part is, there are opportunities in every city, for every sport, at every level. You might not manage the Yankees, but there is plenty of work to be had.

Publish date: February 10, 2011