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Substitute teacher, a rewarding job and something you must do to become a teacher

Anyone who would like to teach fulltime should substitute teach first. There are many different reasons why it is beneficial. One of the most important is that substitute teaching allows you to gain a better understanding of how demanding and rewarding teaching can be. After you substitute teach for a while, you can figure out what age groups are the best match for your teaching style and the subjects you are most interested in teaching.

Planning to substitute teach before you apply for a permanent position can also be very beneficial in helping you find the right job. By substitute teaching in a number of different school districts, you can develop personal relationships with different principals and administrators from many schools. These relationships can help you stay top of mind when you are ready to transition from a substitute teacher to a fulltime, staff position.

I��� sure you remember substitute teachers from your own childhood. You probably gave all your substitute teachers a hard time and never really thought that you would consider becoming a substitute teacher yourself. Well, the good news is that are many resources for substitute teachers out there that can be used to help you develop a confident and commanding style. And remember, the longer you substitute teach, the easier it will become and the more fun you will have doing it.

There is of course many positive benefits to substitute teaching that you should not forget about out either. When you substitute teach, you can basically choose your own schedule. You can substitute teach only a few days every week, or you can substitute teach five days a week. Whenever you have other priorities, like studying for school or shifts at another job, you have the flexibility you need to put those priorities first. And, possibly the greatest benefit to those who choose to substitute teach is that you'll never have to work during a holiday.

When you are ready to officially apply to become a substitute teach, there are a couple things you should keep in mind. Substitute teachers can sometimes make more money if they have graduated from or are attending graduate school. You will need to check the contract you have with each school district to find this out for sure. You also have the option of joining a union, which can offer you additional benefits you may be unaware of. The most important thing to remember as a substitute teacher is that you are making a difference in many children's lives. So, when the job sometimes seems harder than the rewards, this thought should always inspire you and help keep you motivated.

Publish date: February 10, 2011