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Surveying Engineering

Surveying Engineering is the study, location, and accurate measurement of topographical features. You may find these include rivers, underground pipes and cabling, inclines, rock formations, marine features, oil reservoirs, and watercourses. Surveying engineering is slightly different from that of a surveyor or cartogropher (mapmaker) as a stronger emphasis is placed on technology. You may use global positioning systems, computer aided design software, and satellite imagery to help you create plans. These plans are important in various fields ranging from cartography, construction, oil exploration, and land ownership, or they can be used for military purposes.

What Subjects are covered in a Surveying Engineering Program?
Clearly, you will receive a grounding in traditional cartography and surveying subjects. You might cover property line location, global positioning systems (GPS,) surface measurement, and elevation calculations. You may gain practical experience in terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry, or telemetry. You will benefit from being a good team member with good interpersonal communication skills and close attention to detail. Mistakes can be extremely costly.

What are Job Prospects Like in Surveying Engineering?
Surveying used to be entered via high school education and lots of on site experience. These days, the technology used, has reached a stage where most organizations would prefer you to hold a bachelors in surveying technology. All fifty states license land surveyors to practice. For licensure, most State licensing boards require you to pass a written examination given by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Most states also require you to pass a written surveyor\'s examination prepared by the state licensing board. You may be employed by Federal Government, civil engineering firms, construction, surveyors, or cartographers.

Publish date: February 10, 2011