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Tax Specialist

For most people, taxes are not only inevitable, they are everywhere you turn. They can also be complex. But if you have a good eye for detail and a way with numbers, then the tax system can actually work in your favor. There are many types of jobs open to tax specialists and taxation is one source of employment that just isn?t going to go away!

What kind of work does a tax specialist do?
Tax specialists can work for the IRS or other government departments. They can also work for corporations or individual clients, helping to present their affairs correctly and making sure they don?t pay too much tax. Some tax specialists are employed by accounting firms, other may be self-employed. The range of possible openings is very wide and you can look forward to a rewarding career with a real future. There is competition for jobs, of course, so you need to start by earning a degree.

How do I become a tax specialist?
A bachelor or associate degree in accounting is a great way to start training for your tax specialist career. Your program will cover a range of topics to give you in-depth understanding of how commerce works and how business accounts and records are kept. You will also study economics and business and tax law. Because there are so many kinds of job opportunity in taxation, you should try to identify the type of job you want as soon as possible, so you can plan the specific education most relevant to your intended career path.

Publish date: February 10, 2011