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Just like doctors and lawyers, teachers are busy professionals who can use some help. If you think you would enjoy providing vital educational and/or administrative support to a classroom teacher, then you should consider how a teacher assistant/aide education degree would help you. While requirements vary by state, employers of teaching assistants increasingly favor candidates with college training. Employers also require teacher assistants with good communication skills and the ability to work effectively and patiently with kids from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

What jobs will a teacher assistant/aide education degree qualify me for?
People with teacher assistant/aide education degrees can work in all levels of school education. Helping students to cover class material and lessons plans, providing supervision outside the classroom, and preparing equipment and instruction materials are typical duties. Graduates of teacher assistant/aide education degree programs in secondary education may specialize in subjects such as math or computers. On the administrative side, you would grade papers, keep records, and be responsible for equipment. Many teaching assistants work with students who have special education needs.

How can I earn a teacher assistant/aide education degree?
An associate teacher assistant/aide education degree can be earned in two years. The program will cover both teaching methods and materials and the administrative and organizational aspects of a school. Because requirements vary both by location and the type and level of education you wish to work in, it is important to establish early on the qualifications that will be best for your planned career.

Publish date: February 10, 2011