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Technology in Education

Technology is now such a significant part of learning that the US Department of Education has a special Office of Educational Technology (OET). The OET records that, in 2004-5, ?forty-eight states included technology standards for students.? The No Child Left Behind legislation requires that every student is ?technology literate? by the end of 8th grade. This emphasis on technology means that a technology in education can open the door to a career with a strong future outlook.

Earning a technology in education degree
A technology in education program is generally offered at post-graduate level. It enables teachers to enhance and specialize their professional skills. Programs are far-reaching and include in-depth study of the diverse aspects of educational technology.

What is the job outlook for graduates of technology in education education degrees?
Education is a large employer, with around four million teaching posts in 2002. The presence of computers in schools and the use of technology in many aspects of education can only increase. Teachers who can offer high-level specialist knowledge of educational technology will be excellently placed to develop their careers. A technology in education degree will enable you to plan your career with the knowledge that you are working in one of the most important and growing fields of modern education.

Publish date: February 10, 2011