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Telecommunications is a technology on which virtually every business depends. It now means much more than just telephones. The modern telecommunications expert needs to understand voice, digital, computer, and network issues. There are many career opportunities within telecommunications, and you will find degree programs to match your aspirations. Because the technology is complex, and fascinating, you should regard a degree education as being a vital preparation for your telecommunications career.

Telecommunications degrees
A telecommunications degree program can be taken at associate?s level. You will study electrical and electronic technology, computer science, and some background math and physics. More specialized courses will focus on key telecommunications subjects. These will include fundamentals of telecommunications, information networks, and data networking. By the end of your program you will have a solid grasp of both the hardware and software knowledge you will require in your job.

What jobs can I find with a telecommunications degree?
There are many types of telecommunications jobs. With an associate degree you can aim for technician jobs installing and maintaining a wide range of equipment. You might also work in field engineering or customer liaison. With the benefit of higher degrees, you can look to advance to more senior positions, with responsibility for managing others, and making input into business management decisions. Telecommunications is a vital and growing technology, so your degree education will offer you a rewarding and secure career path.

Publish date: February 10, 2011