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Travel Business Management

Travel is a massive, multi-billion dollar, global business. Every year millions of journeys take place by land, air, and sea. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, our appetite for going places seems to be insatiable. This means that there are countless jobs in the travel industry. If you would like to combine your interest in travel with a management occupation, then a career in travel business management could suit you very well.

What does travel business management involve?
The most obvious location to work in travel business management is in a travel agency. You would be involved in helping people to select their travel destinations, advising on means of travel, and hotels. You would use computers and the Internet to gather information and make reservations. You might arrange an exotic vacation, book flights, or even send someone on a round-the-world cruise. With the benefit of experience, you could look forward to managing your own agency in the future. You will also find opportunities to work for large corporations who maintain an in-house travel department, cruise agencies, and tour operators.

How can I train for travel business management?
If you are ambitious to make the most of your travel business management career, then you should consider earning a college degree. An associate?s level degree can be completed in two years. By studying all aspects of travel planning, meeting planning, itineraries, and international travel, you will acquire an impressive array of skills to launch and develop a successful career in travel business management.

Publish date: February 10, 2011