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TV,Video & Radio Production

Working in the broadcast media can seem very attractive. To be sure, there are excellent jobs to be had in TV/video and radio production, but do not underestimate the challenge. Many talented people want to work in broadcast media so there will be strong competition for good jobs. It is also wise to assume that talent on its own will not suffice. TV/video and radio production is an area which requires high professional competence and an in-depth understanding of both media and business issues. If you want to give yourself the best chances of succeeding, then you should see a college degree in TV/video and radio production as being an essential component of your career plan.

Studying TV/video and radio production
A producer?s job involves many elements. You may have to select scripts, hire actors, negotiate contracts, and take overall control of budgets and business affairs. Your TV/video and radio production program should combine classroom study with plenty of studio experience so you can develop the real-world skills you require. It will also help your career if you can serve a period of internship in a real studio.

What jobs are open to TV/video and radio production graduates?
You can expect to find TV/video and radio production jobs in a variety of locations. You can work in television or radio, directly involved in program making. You will also find opportunities to work in advertising or in business, making corporate videos for instance. The increasing use of multimedia on the Internet is also opening up new avenues for graduates of TV/video and radio production degree programs.

Publish date: February 10, 2011