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Veterinary Technician

Just as a nurse assists a physician, a veterinary technician gives assistance to a licensed veterinarian. A veterinary technician works under the supervision of a veterinarian, providing a range of healthcare to animals. If you have a love of animals and are ambitious to earn a degree, then this is work which might suit you well.

Almost as much as their human owners, animals enjoy a wide range of healthcare treatments and therapies. The extensive range of expertise required to treat them is reflected in the training requirements for veterinary technicians. The usual route into a technician career is to follow a two-year program to earn an associate degree. The degree program should be one accredited by American Veterinary Medical Association. Almost all States require veterinary assistants to be licensed or certified. As requirements differ by State, you should check with the State where you intend to work to establish what their educational requirements are. State licensure is normally granted after passing an exam; the most commonly used exam is the National Veterinary Technician examination.

Once you have your degree and State registration you have some choice in the work you do. Private veterinary practices provide the largest source of jobs for veterinary technicians. Much of the work involves the treatment of companion animals, in particular cats and dogs. You may also seek employment in zoos, or in treating larger non-domestic animals. There are also opportunities to work in other locations, such as laboratories or research centers.

Publish date: February 10, 2011