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Visual Merchandising

Retail outlets are very aware of the impact that their store displays make on customers. Presenting goods in an attractive manner is a key part of promoting sales. The art of creating effective shop floor or window displays is known as ?visual merchandising.? If you possess a good design sense and can also work with your hands, visual merchandising can offer you a career which will employ your talents in a fast-moving commercial setting.

What does visual merchandising involve?
No two visual merchandising jobs are completely identical, but typical activities would include planning and constructing window displays, interior displays, and trade exhibition stands. In smaller organizations, you may have to use a lot of creativity. In major chain stores, you will more likely erect and arrange standard displays. You may also dress mannequins in fashion stores or clothing departments.

How can I train for visual merchandising?
Visual merchandising does not require a college degree, but formal training will help to boost your career potential. All design occupations have strong competition for the best jobs. Undertaking formal training to acquire good professional skills is an important preparation. All else being equal, a potential employer is likely to favor a candidate who has undertaken formal visual merchandising training over one who has not. Your training will also help you to gain promotion in the future.

Publish date: February 10, 2011