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Web Design & E-Commerce

E-commerce is a very specific sector or sales and marketing which uses the Internet. Consumers can browse various electronic stores and make payments for goods via credit cards or companies offering online payment services. Early e-commerce adopters discovered fairly soon that the rulebook for merchandising was very different from that of a physical store into which a customer could walk, browse, and purchase something. Indeed the law surrounding goods bought over the Internet is not as simple as a traditional customer/vendor transaction. For example, is the sale deemed to have occurred in the town of the buyer, the seller, the payment company, or the host of the website? On top of this, consumers are saturated with marketing messages and are quick to discard a slow-loading, or difficult to navigate website. Web design and e-commerce programs are designed to teach you how to get the best out of this marketing tool.

Courses in Web Design and E-Commerce.
Programs vary between schools. You may be interested in international e-commerce, or you might be attracted to a particular market sector. Typical programs may include instruction on marketing psychology, web security, secure online payment, basic web programming, advertising, communications, legal aspects of e-commerce, and distribution channels. Schools sometimes offer a choice of extended courses to suit your particular preferences.

Job Prospects in Web Design and E-Commerce
The beauty of this variety of training is its versatility. Even if you find that there is an economic downturn, and fewer companies are interested in creating or revamping their e-commerce strategies, you could still find employment in web design. You may be interested in a consultancy role with a marketing firm, or you might like to go freelancing.

Publish date: February 10, 2011