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Web Design, Gaming & Animation

With the exponential increase in computing power and the relative cost of this hardware falling through the floor, games are becoming ever more complex. There are now web versions, multiplayer varieties, 3-d animations, and extremely complex characters. Superlative computer power has allowed animators to create even more realistic characters, backgrounds, and locations. The days of a screen split into blue and green to designate earth and sky are long gone! Consumers now demand even more complex game play too. Blow \'em up, then blow \'em up some more, just isn\'t enough to satisfy your average player. You could specialize in creating game play, animation of a particular character or attribute, or you could decide to concentrate on the web design aspect as a platform for the game.

Courses in Web Design, Gaming and Animation
Courses are in a constant state of flux. Big name games companies demand only the best and require employees to use the latest technology. Programs change fast, to reflect this. Check that your preferred school can offer you the latest technology available. In general terms, you may cover subjects such as game theory, game play, character development, articulation animation, textures, backgrounds, and web construction.

Job Prospects in Web Design, Gaming, and Animation
The level of complexity demanded by most gamers has risen to such an extent that the days of a single person producing a blockbusting game are long gone. You will need to be a team player and even specialize in one small aspect such as backdrop animation, e.g. creating wind blowing through long grass. This is a popular career, so competition for top jobs with famous game companies is intense, but extremely well rewarded.

Publish date: February 10, 2011