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Technology convergence has proceeded to a stage where we use our phones to browse websites, talk to our families over the Internet, buy goods via our televisions, and carry our music collection around on a thumb drive. This is the world of multimedia. Multimedia is sound and images (sometimes animated) transmitted via many different tools from telephones, to computers, and everything in between. The challenge for website designers is to allow web surfers access to websites and different media using these different technologies.

Courses in Web Design and Multimedia
This is something of a \"black art.\" What may look and sound perfectly good on a website viewed on a standard PC, may not be quite so impressive using a mobile phone. Likewise, something that works well on the smaller screen on a phone, might not translate well to a PC. Technologies change rapidly, and few people want to replicate their work, just so it can be supported by different communications hardware. You may learn about different platforms used to support these technologies. You could also receive instruction in computer-mediated communication, basic Internet applications, ftp, the World Wide Web, basic digital image techniques, and web page development and publishing.

Job Prospects in Web Design and Multimedia
Getting accurate figures or predictions for the future of this specialty is difficult due to it being a very recent innovation. Since this program covers a broad base of skills, many of which are transferable to other sectors, you will probably be able to find a niche in almost any industry, that embraces new technology.

Publish date: February 10, 2011