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Web Design & Print Production

This program is designed to be a multidisciplinary learning platform enabling you to apply for a broad range of careers within media. The concept behind this program is to teach you how to employ the latest multimedia applications in the more traditional fields of print media, photography, text, graphics, and web design.

Courses in Web Design and Print Production
The curriculum could vary between schools, and of course advances in technology bring us an almost limitless stream of new applications. You may learn about traditional printing techniques, photography, and layout. You could be given an overview of various types of software such used to create and manipulate images, websites, animation, HTML, and XHTML. Some schools might offer you courses in design, business, and management techniques.

Job Prospects in Web Design and Print Production
The broad reaching syllabus should put you into a good position for a range of roles. You may be interested in some or all of these careers: graphic designer, web designer, project manager, or junior art director. You may find a position within a media agency such as web design, or advertising. Very large corporations often hire their own media department and you may find a role within one of these. Some graduates relish the idea of being their own boss, so maybe you\'ll find freelancing, self-employment, or consultancy appealing. The nature of the work means that quite a few of these roles can be carried out from home - ideal if you have a young family to look after!

Publish date: February 10, 2011