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The Internet has become the lifeline that connects to every part of the world. The World Wide Web is a universal source for news, commerce and entertainment. With a degree in Web Development and Design, you can play an important role in this vital information explosion and guarantee yourself a rewarding and lucrative career.

Businesses of every size, non-profit organizations, individuals and even government agencies are all represented on the Web or planning to establish a Web presence in the near future. If you earn a Web Development and Design degree now, your career will keep growing through the years to come. Whether you decide to work for a company that needs an in-house Web developer and designer, to start your own company, or to work as an independent consultant, you’ll have as much work as you can handle. You’ll be able to create works that are viewed by millions of people around the world.

Web Development and Design training will teach you how to build Web pages that attract attention and how to tie those pages into successful Web sites. You’ll learn how the Internet works, basic Web design principles and how to use such techniques as file transfer protocol (ftp). You’ll also study such Web development languages as HTML, XML and Java. You’ll be ready to learn all the new technologies as soon as they are developed. With a degree in Web Development and Design, the future will be yours and you will be one of the people helping the future to happen.

Publish date: February 10, 2011