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Web Merchandising

Web merchandising is an important new sales channel that is still relatively immature. The standard rules of merchandising that stores have been using for centuries no longer apply to a virtual shopping window. There are all sorts of considerations to take account of when using a virtual storefront. Customers are usually very impatient to get to the area that they are interested in on a web site. Without the help of a store assistant to advise or direct them to where they need to go a sale may well be lost. With web merchandising, it is critical that you design your site for simple navigation in an easy to use format.

Courses in Web Merchandising
These vary according to where you study. You may receive a grounding in business skills and marketing. You may also touch on any or all of the following subjects: communications, advertising, merchandising management, retailing, web inventory, and stock control. You may even have the opportunity to enroll on specialist courses such as cataloging, promotions, and buying.

What Types of Career are Available with Web Merchandising Training?
There are a number of different directions you could go it. More companies are realizing that trading over the Internet enjoys fairly high returns, since there is no need for a storefront with related overheads. You may prefer to go into consultancy and advise businesses how to merchandise their stock. Alternatively becoming a buyer or special events promoter for an organization might interest you.

Publish date: February 10, 2011