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Web Technology

Web technology is a constantly changing discipline. New technologies are, almost daily, being added to the \"tool bag\" of web technologists. You will need to constantly update your knowledge as new versions of software and hardware come onto the market. Web technology focuses on the different components of creating, supporting, and hosting a web site. These range include web design and web graphics, web animation, networking, and programming.

Web Technology Courses
You may learn about all sorts of different types of software, programming languages and management skills such as HTML, XHTML, server management and maintenance, programming, scripting, networks, and image manipulation. Most schools provide plenty of practical experience and projects so you can get to test what you have leaned and put it into practice.

Web Technology Career Prospects
There are lots of choices available to you with web technology training. You might be interested in Entry Level Web Specialist, Web Host Technician, Web Support Specialist, Web Site Designer, Web Coordinator, or even Web Marketing Specialist. You may find a post within a large organization, or you might enjoy freelance working, visiting different small businesses to install, update, repair, or fine-tune their resources. While the Bureau of Labor does not have any specific details concerning salary or career outlook for Web Technologist, IT workers are still predicted to enjoy higher than average demand for their skills and services.

Publish date: February 10, 2011