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Fashion Design

There was a time when only the very wealthiest segment of the population could afford designer clothing. Today, almost every clothing manufacturer in the world uses styles and modes created by fashion designers. Large discount and department store chains have fashion design divisions who make sure the clothing sold by their employers is in keeping with the latest trends and fads. Some of the most famous international clothing designers started out creating designs for mass production clothing manufacturers. A degree in fashion design may start you on the road to a career filled with glamour and excitement.

In today’s world every garment and every accessory that goes out into the retail sales channel has been either designed or influenced by a professional designer. Garment trade manufacturers exist in a highly competitive field in which falling behind the latest fashion trends can mean the loss of millions of dollars and having warehouses filled with unsold clothing. The fashion designer is a key player in the prevention of these losses.

When you study for a degree in fashion design, you’ll learn the history of fashion, manufacturing techniques, a full range of materials and accessories and basic color and design concepts. You’ll also be taught the basic techniques of cutting, fitting, draping, sewing and pattern making. Fashion design is a creative career that will be around as long as people wear clothing.

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