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Career 411: Accounting Assistant

Accounting assistants are generally responsible for receiving, processing, and sorting a wide variety of accounting documents for their clients. Accounting assistants must handle all invoices, billing, and account information. Accounting assistants may prepare and file tax documents and are responsible for entering and managing data in accounting software and computer programs.

Accounting assistants may be certified accountants themselves, or students working toward a degree in accounting. Accountants and accounting assistants must be adept in mathematics, have strong organizational skills, and be able to work with little supervision, as many accountants are self-employed. Accountants are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Having a master’s degree, advanced certification, or exceptional computer skills are great assets in finding employment.

Internships are critical to finding employment upon graduation. For this reason, many universities offer accounting internship programs wherein students are employed as accounting assistants while they are still in school. These internships are invaluable when obtaining employment later on. Not only are you more likely to receive a job offer from the company that sponsored your internship, but the experience makes you a more competitive candidate regardless of where you apply.


Publish date: October 17, 2008