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Dangers to Avoid If Your Tech Job Is Also Your Hobby

Techies often make information technology their career, because they love working with computers, whether cobbling together networks or building Web sites. But if your work is also your hobby, when do you have time for anything else? Is this situation simply a win-win for techies and their employers? Or does focusing too much attention on one part of your life pose risks?

“The job is just a way for me to continue my hobby and earn a living at the same time,” says Adnan Wasim, who writes a blog about system administration and software development. For Wasim, computers started out as a hobby and then morphed into a full-fledged career as he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and then started working full-time in the field. “Turning a hobby into a career is a perfect way to spend eight hours a day earning a living,” he says.

Career coach Lynn Berger concurs. “I believe it is wonderful to love what you do, and it should be somewhat fun,” she says. Read more…


Publish date: May 22, 2009