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How To Become a Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist listens to dictated recordings made by healthcare professionals (such as physicians) and transcribes or records in text what has been recorded using a computer or word processor. The medical transcriptionist has to ensure that the text is clear, accurate, and is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Documents are returned to the healthcare professional who signs each document off once it has been reviewed for accuracy. The final documents can be included in correspondence, medical reports or a patients medical records. Medical transcription programs generally last between one and two years, depending on whether you choose a certificate or longer associate degree program. Your program will introduce you to the medical terminology and jargon that you will encounter most frequently in a dictated recording. You will also learn about the medical reference materials that you can consult when you come across unfamiliar terms. Your medical transcription program will also introduce you to the legal and ethical issues surrounding medical documents. You will also probably have chance to brush up on spelling, grammar and your IT skills.


Publish date: March 6, 2009