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Job seekers may become successful entrepreneurs

The hot question on people’s minds these days is, “should I pursue employment or start my own business?”. If you are one of these people, we are pleased to let you know that you can discover your answer simply by taking an honest look at your job search process.

Working on building a business can be very enjoyable and rewarding. In fact, while you are on the fence about starting a business, you can breathe new life into your job search, by looking at it as an entrepreneurial experiment. The way you create and execute a job search plan can reveal a lot about your character, including whether you have the inner resilience and fortitude that is needed to start your own business.

The current buzz language in career development advises you to sell yourself as a unique product and be able to deliver results. It’s recommended that you take this one step further by thinking of your job search as a small business venture. If you find that during your job search, you are able to keep this perspective and take a big picture look at “doing the right things”, you may be the perfect candidate for self-employment! Now is the perfect time to consult with a business expert about your ideas. In the meantime, continue your experiment and perhaps find part time employment to fund your start up.

Source: The Career News

Publish date: June 9, 2009