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Oops! I Forgot to Apply to College

There’s good news for seniors who haven’t yet applied to college or aren’t happy with the colleges they got into: It’s not too late to get into some good and affordable colleges for the fall of 2009.

While most four-year colleges require students to apply before March 15 and make binding and expensive deposits by May 1, there are still more than 250 colleges accepting applicants for this fall, the National Association for College Admission Counseling announced Tuesday.

And, of course, almost all of the 1,152 public community colleges across the country are accepting applications throughout the summer. Students who do well at community colleges can transfer to four-year universities.

Late applicants don’t have it any easier than the early birds, schools say. For example, Eureka College in Illinois, one of the schools on the NACAC list, says that it will reject any student, whether early or late, who has lower than a 17 on the ACT and a high school grade-point average below 2.3. Students can see if their grades and test scores match a school’s profile by checking out admissions criteria at the U.S. Department of Education. Read more…

Publish date: June 13, 2009