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Question: Is double majoring practical?

is a double major practicalAnswer:
Only if you can still graduate in four years and you think that you will be able to handle all of the course work.

I believe if it will make you happy, and you think you will regret it if you don’t to do it, then you should. But yes, it will be extra hard. Still, a lot of people do it. You could also major in one and minor in the other.

Yes, it is practical if you want to go on to graduate school and work out of two different departments. It is also practical for some job fields (English and Science mix well so you can write science articles, International Relations and ANY field mix well and will help you get a job). It’s not, however, practical to mix something like Music and Science unless you have some thing for music therapy. Look at what you want to do in the future and go from there. If you don’t have the time, then get a certificate and/or a minor.

It might not be practical but it is helpful in some areas. I majored in History and Spanish and minored in Philosophy. I did this mainly because at the time I did not know what area to focus on. Either way, both help in different areas. Many friends majored in History/Exercise in Sports and Sciences since they wanted to become high school teachers and coaches. The bottom line is that you are in college to learn, if there are many areas that you want to gain more knowledge- then go for it. Just make sure and get direction from an advisor if you need it.

I don’t see any real benefit. Many, many students find work outside thier area of major concentration, so your major doesn’t limit your employment options. Many graduate schools accept students without regard for area of major. I attend a graduate school in psychology. One student was a dual major, psychology/sociology. Another was an English major, and a third a math major.

It depends on what you are planning to double major in. In many cases, double majoring is practical, since you can use many of the credits from each major as electives for the other. However, most grad schools and employers aren’t going to really care much if you have a double major.

Source: WkiAnswers

Publish date: October 15, 2009