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Sabbaticals: A Pause That Refreshes

career changeSabbaticals are not just for college professors. You, too, can take a well deserved break. Just use your imagination and plan ahead.

Swill the coffee, fight the traffic, shuffle the papers, field the phone calls, coddle the clients, answer the e-mails, fight the traffic in the opposite direction. Do it again tomorrow. Thirty years hence, will you regret the things you didn’t do, such as climb Mount Everest or travel the world or take the kids across the ocean to meet their first cousins? Maybe it’s time to take a sabbatical to put your life and interests on the front burner. Long a staple of universities and law firms, sabbaticals also crop up at other companies during economic upturns as employers try to set themselves apart from the competition, says John Bremen, of Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a benefits-consulting firm. Watson Wyatt estimates that about 20% of large companies offer sabbaticals as a benefit.

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Author: Edu411.org Admin
Publish date: October 25, 2009