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The Importance of Good Writing

If your grade-school education was anything like mine, lessons on parallelograms, subject-verb agreement and neutrons were met with a chorus of whiny students asking, “When will we ever need to know this?”

I admit, many years later I still haven’t tapped into my algebraic knowledge of a parabola, but other subjects have played important roles. Writing lessons, for example, have played a large role in my life, and not just because of my line of work.

Between e-mails, texts and Tweets, our society spends a lot of time communicating via the written word. We spend more time writing in our professional and personal lives than we probably imagined we would back in school. What you may not realize is that these written exchanges can boost your career or hinder it, depending on how you treat them.

Write your way to a job
Todd Henning recently began an internship with a public relations firm, and he’s quickly discovering that his writing abilities are helping his fledgling career. In the few months he’s been interning, he’s seen his list of responsibilities grow.

“Right after I was hired, they told me it was largely due to the writing samples that I had given them during the interview process, and they had stopped considering others because of their writing samples,” Henning says.

Of course, if you’re applying for a position where writing samples are part of the application process, you’re probably not surprised that composition skills pay off. But Rebecca West, interior designer for Rivalee Design, recently landed a position because of her writing skills. Not what you’d expect for someone whose job relies on a creative eye rather than a way with a pen. Read more…

Publish date: May 26, 2009