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While there is a heated debate over what form health care should take in the U.S. going forward, most everyone agrees that disease prevention should play a primary role. This is the focus of a career in holistic nutrition; prevention of disease by changing eating patterns. You can prepare for a holistic nutritionist career by taking courses on the World Wide Wed - and EDU411.org can assist you in finding the best holistic nutrition career program that is the best fit for you.

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Careers in health care are as diverse as the people who pursue them. Those who have a career in holistic nutrition are trained to understand the effects of poor diet on human health. As you train for holistic nutrition careers, you will learn how to treat disease and even effect cures through diet modification.

People can prepare for a holistic nutrition career online by taking distance learning courses offered through accredited schools of naturopathic medicine. In addition to holistic nutrition, careers in herbal therapy, acupressure, massage therapy and even chiropractic are all part of the growing field of naturopathic medicine.

One of the best part of the online route to degree certification is that you are able to complete coursework requirements from the comfort and convenience of home. Most schools of naturopathy that offer degree programs in holistic nutrition give distance learners up to one full calendar year to complete a given class, including exams.>

When you are ready for mid-terms and finals, you simply nominate a proctor who will come to your home and administer the tests. Again, this can be done at your convenience and around your schedule.

Starting a Holistic Nutrition Career Online

There are many different paths toward becoming a holistic nutritionist. Career sub-specialties within this field include macrobiotics, organic gardening, and general dietary science. However, being a registered dietitian (RD) is not the same as being a holistic nutritionist. Whereas an RD works primarily in a hospital, the holistic nutrition specialist works with other naturopathic practitioners such as are mentioned above.

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There is no time like the present to get started on holistic nutrition careers. Here at EDU411.org, you'll find a searchable database that makes it easy to find the best schools offering preparatory programs that will effectively prepare you for the growing number of holistic nutrition careers now available.