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Is an Online Degree for you? Here at EDU411 we make it easy for students to find the information to help them decide. Explore the many online degree programs that are available in a wide range of subject areas right here on our website. Browse our listings of college and university websites that offer college degrees online.


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Improving your marketability with an online degree is not only convenient, it's cost effective as well. An online degree program can be completed in the comfort of your own home and on your own own schedule. College degrees online are offered by the same accredited brick-and-mortar institution, so you'll find that your online degree carries the same weight as any other.

The Distance Learning Advantage

When you enroll in a online degree program, you'll find that you are not burdened by many of the extraneous costs that go with say, traditional MBA degrees or other college-based programs. For example, although you will be charged tuition and registration fees as well as books and class materials, you won't have to pay maintenance fees, ASB fees, parking fees or any other of the 101 fees that institutions of higher learning assess for the privilege of attendance.

Earning an online college degree also means fitting it around your schedule. This is a big bonus when it comes to managing and allocating your time between coursework requirements and family time and demands of the job. Courses that you take when completing an online college degree program have deadlines, but normally you have up to a year to complete a course.

Are College Degrees Online Right For You?

If you have questions about an online college degree, you've come to the right place. We have listings of college and university websites that offer college degrees online, with more being added regularly. You can fond online programs in accounting and finance,health care, web design education, and even mba online degrees, just to name of few of the exciting opportunities that await you.

Signing up for an online degree program is easy; choosing one online degree program from the hundreds you'll find out about here may be more of a challenge. However, as an old Mandarin proverb says, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Get started on your online degree today by looking over what's being offered.