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Today's online administrative courses are structured with a common thread: preparing you to succeed in a variety of meaningful careers. An online administrative degree readies you with a unique fusion of technology, business and management in a single program. Earn yours and discover just how professionally versatile you can become.

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  • Online Master in Health Administration
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The Online Administrative Degree 411: Courses Designed for Career Variety

Employers in the administrative discipline often look for candidates with solid academic credentials. That's not to say that career experience isn't important, but you'll find that having an online administrative degree on your resume may give you the edge with respect to hiring.

Online Administrative Courses: The Benefits of Distance Learning
If you're new to the online learning game, you'll quickly discover that it's not your parents' college experience. No maddening campus commute. Online course registration. The absence of traditional campus-based fees. Completing class requirements from the comfort of your own home and at hours that fit your daily schedule. The distance learning model features varied modes of delivery that include digital textbooks, video conferencing, class blogs and chat sessions, and online tests. So if the thought of stopping your life to go back to school is keeping you from advancing your career, there's really no excuse any more.

Online Administrative Degree: Program FAQs
Here are some frequently asked questions about online administrative courses that you'll want to know before you register:

Will I ever have to go to a physical campus? Most online administrative degree programs operate in an entirely virtual environment. However, some programs require a simple "meet and greet" class session at the beginning of each semester

  • How long do I have before I have to declare a major? Most administrative degree programs allow one to two years before you are required to commit to a specific major track
  • How important is it that I know computers? Administrative careers are inherently technical across the board--business and finance in particular. The best part of the distance learning model is that it forces you to improve your computing skills, which translate well to the contemporary working world
  • What professional certifications should I consider? Earning the title of Certified Manager (CM) from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers can improve your marketability

From Classroom to Career: What to Expect
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are three primary career options for graduates with an online administrative degree. Consider these options and what you can expect should you decide to pursue one:

  • Administrative Services Managers. Employment is expected to increase by 12 percent from 2006 through 2016--that's about as fast as the national average for all occupations. Potential salary projections as of May 2008 point to a median hourly wage of $35.35 and a median annual wage of $79,500
  • Administrative Support Supervisors and Managers. Employment is expected to increase by 6 percent from 2006 through 2016, with an additional 82,000 new jobs to be added. Potential salary projections as of May 2008 point to a median hourly wage of $22.02 and a median annual wage of $45,790
  • Other Management Operations Occupations. Graduate with an online administrative degree and you have the option of entering such burgeoning industries as production, education, engineering, and finance

The bottom line is that an online administrative degree is your ticket to professional diversity and leadership opportunities. Plus, the advantages of online courses means you can complete your degree with compromising your current personal and professional obligations.