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Holistic Nutrition

"Let thy medicine be food and thy food be medicine." So wrote Hipokratēs of Kos some 2500 years ago during Greece's Age of Pericles. Hipokratēs (also known as Hippocrates) was arguably the founder of Western medicine; today's certified holistic nutritionist is one who understands and implements his ancient wisdom. If you are thinking about getting a holistic nutritionist degree, you'll be glad to know that holistic nutritionist training is available on the World Wide Web – and you can easily find online schools for holistic nutrition right here at EDU411.org.

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What Is Holistic Nutrition School?

School programs that offer holistic nutritionist training on the World Wide Web are operated and administered by accredited brick-and-mortar institutions where they teach aspiring healers how to treat the "whole" person by using natural and organic substances and methods. At a holistic nutrition school, you will learn how the biochemical substances in food can be used to treat a range of disorders ranging from obesity and arthritis to HIV and some kinds of cancer. Schools for holistic nutrition offer courses in herbal therapy as well as diet and nutrition; chances are excellent that as you work toward your holistic nutritionist degree, you'll also be studying human physiology, anatomy, the digestive system and food preparation in addition to organic agriculture.

As you can see, the field of holistic nutrition is a diverse one that draws from multiple disciplines.

The Advantage To Holistic Nutrition School Online

Attending schools for holistic nutrition over the Internet is really much more convenient and even less expensive than attending a "brick-and-mortar" institution. The reason is that you can take most, if not all of your courses at times and places that are most convenient for you. Simply log on to the appropriate website, find your class and begin. You are not limited or pressured by strict schedules, and typically, a holistic nutrition school online allows students up to twelve months to complete the requirements for a specific class.

Finding The Right Program

Here at EDU411.org, we have created a massive, searchable database that will simplify the process of finding the holistic nutrition school that is most appropriate for you. These institutions have been screened and certified, and offer degrees that are universally recognized by other institutions of higher learning and state licensing agencies. Just click on the links provided and get started today on your new career by checking out the various holistic nutrition school degree programs that are currently available.