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You can make vacation a career. Sound a little strange? With an online hospitality and tourism degree, you'll be able to find work doing anything from managing a hotel to being a travel guide--and by earning it online, you don't have to slow down or stop traveling. Learn more about your career potential after graduating from an online hospitality and tourism school.

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  • BA/Service Management - Hospitality Enterprise
  • BA/Service Management - Restaurant Enterprise Management
  • BA/Service Management
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Making a Career Out of Hospitality and Tourism with an Online Degree

If you have a yen for travel, why not combine business with pleasure and begin a career in hospitality and tourism? Anyone with a bit of wanderlust will find the perks to be quite a draw to the tourism and hospitality industry. Reduced rates for airfares, lodging, rental cars, meals, and more are just some of the benefits of earning your degree from an online hospitality and tourism school.

Many travel agencies, hotel chains, airlines, and other employers prefer applicants with college training that is specific to the industry. Training from an online hospitality and tourism school typically includes the use of reservation systems, sales techniques, and specific topics such as international travel. For those interested in online tourism programs in particular, it's a good idea to supplement you education with some foreign language courses. The beauty of earning your hospitality and tourism degree from an online school is that you won't have to take a break from jetsetting around the globe--as long as you have Internet access, you can attend class and turn in assignments online.

Your Career with an Online Hospitality and Tourism Degree
If you are considering a career in the hospitality and tourism industry, do your research, educate yourself in the business, and your job prospects will be excellent. To help you determine your career path, here are some brief job descriptions and 2008 salary information from the BLS:

  • Travel Agents. Travel agents put together travel plans for customers--from business people to tourists--including transportation, accommodations, costs, travel dates, and more. Travel agents earn a mean annual income of $32,470
  • Reservation Agents and Ticket Agents. Typically a reservation agent makes reservations for large hotel/motel chains, rental car companies, and similar operations. Ticket agents sell tickets for air or rail travel, and may provide services such as baggage checking. The BLS puts the mean annual income for these positions at $32,060
  • Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks. While reservation agents typically work with customers via phone or e-mail, desk clerks work directly with guests, registering and assigning rooms, issuing room keys, presenting statements, and collecting payments. Employee in this part of the tourism industry make an annual mean salary of $20,630
  • Lodging Managers. Lodging managers manage personnel and generally take care of the hospitality aspect of tourism and business travel. They often oversee entire hotels, making this position a demanding one. A lodging manager's mean annual income is $52,550
  • Travel Guides. Travel guides plan, organize, and conduct long-distance travel, tours, and expeditions. In addition to extensive free travel, they receive mean annual earnings of $33,660
  • Concierges. Concierges provide personal services to guests at hotels and resorts. Restaurant reservations, local transportation, activities and entertainment are the purview of the concierge. The median annual salary for this hospitality career is $27,180, while the top ten percent of concierges make $40,220

Although the hospitality and tourism industry isn't booming, retirements and job changes ensure opportunities for motivated individuals for the foreseeable future. If travel is your passion, you won't find a better way to indulge it. So, get started on your online tourism and hospitality degree today.