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Automotive mechanic technology is rapidly increasing in sophistication, and most employers strongly recommend that people seeking work in automotive repair complete a formal training program in a postsecondary vocational school. Job opportunities are expected to be very good for those who complete postsecondary automotive training programs. Next time you're stuck in rush hour traffic, take a good look around. Not only are you going to see quite a number of cars and trucks, you're probably going to cruise by a few that have either died on the road or been subject to at least a fender bender. This should more than prove to you that there's a strong need for people to fill auto mechanic jobs. Learn more about getting auto mechanic training and starting your new career.


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  • BS in Aeronautics
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Why Should I be an Auto Mechanic?

Henry Ford envisioned our country embracing the automobile, but in his wildest dreams he probably never saw how dependent our society would become on them. Cars are everywhere, if you have ever sat in traffic during rush hour you know how dependent we are on them for transportation. Automobiles have come a long way since the days of Henry Ford, and they will continue to advance in technology as we move toward more efficient engines, hybrids, and electric cars. One thing has remained constant despite all the change: it takes an auto mechanic to keep the cars running.

Just as cars have advanced, so has the occupation of auto mechanic. The days of learning how to be a mechanic at the local gas station have passed. Due to the sophistication of today's cars, auto mechanic training is much more advanced. In addition to understanding how an engine works, you must have training in electronics and working with computers.

What Type of Auto Mechanic Training is Needed for Today's Automobiles?
The first step is having a mechanical aptitude and the ability to solve problems. If you have those, and like working on cars, then you should look into attending an auto mechanic school. The auto mechanic school of today will teach you about modern engines, but it will also have courses in:


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Computers
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics

Many prospective auto mechanics find it helpful to take some college courses in these subjects prior to attending auto mechanic school.

Due to the sophistication of the automobiles today most good automobile service shops require formal training of one to two years for employment. Continued training will be required to reach the higher levels in the field such as being certified as a Master Automotive Technician.

Many auto mechanics continue their education and training throughout their careers to keep up to date on the latest developments in technology. The auto manufacturers also have their own professional schools that auto mechanics attend to receive advanced certification.

What Does the Future Hold for Auto Mechanic Jobs?
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest data projects that auto mechanic jobs will increase faster than average over the coming years. They project that the field will increase by 14 percent between 2006 and 2016, and that number may increase as auto technology moves forward, and older auto mechanics retire rather than continuing their education.

A profession that is projected to grow with above average compensation and steady employment is a good thing in today's economic environment. If you have the aptitude to be an auto mechanic look into getting the training and education to get started in this great career.