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Marine Technology

Although marine technology continues to excel at a rapid rate, becoming certified in this field has never been easier. With proper training and certification, you will learn basic in-board gasoline and diesel powered marine engines, as well as electrical, fuel and lubrication systems. You will master skills in basic repair, pricing, dissembling, manufacturing, design, and general maintenance. In addition, you will master the latest computer platforms used by industry professionals. This degree will provide you both with the technical skills and business skills necessary to succeed. So sign up today and take control of your career. Find out more about getting formal marine mechanic training and starting your new career today.


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  • BS in Aeronautics
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Why Should I Be a Marine Mechanic?

Our nation loves the water, and we head to it whenever we can for boating, fishing, scuba diving, or just relaxing. One thing that has probably never occurred to you though, unless you are a boat owner, is who keeps all of these boats and watercraft running?

If you enjoy being around the water, and you enjoy working on engines of any type, you may want to think about becoming a marine mechanic. Motors used on boats are designed for rough use and to be around water, but even so they need regular maintenance to perform their best, and sometimes they just stop working due to the conditions they operate in. Marine mechanics get them running again and keep them that way.

What Type of Marine Mechanic Training is Available?
Marine mechanics need skills and training much the same as an auto mechanic. If you have mechanical aptitude, and enjoy solving problems, then all you need is the proper training to enjoy a successful career as a marine mechanic. Marine mechanic schools give you that training and education. Boat yards and boat shops usually prefer that you have professional training as a mechanic from a marine mechanic school prior to hiring you. Marine motors have advanced just as much as car motors have over the years and a successful mechanic needs training in:

  • Physics
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Mathematics

Many prospective marine mechanics have found that it helps to take a few college courses to supplement their high school education prior to starting at a marine mechanic school. Engine technology improves constantly, and to be a successful mechanic earning a top salary you need to refresh your marine mechanic training on a regular basis. Some of the major marine engine manufacturers offer training also.

What are the Future Prospects for Marine Mechanic Jobs?
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 12 percent growth in the number of marine mechanic jobs between 2006 and 2016, which is above the national average for all professions. This growth is based on the trend that has grown rapidly over the years of more and more people spending their leisure time on the water. Even a good number of sailboats have motors for supplemental power that must be maintained; no one wants to be stranded away from the dock.

Many people work all year in the hope of getting to spend a week at the water, marine mechanics are at the water nearly every day, working in a profession that is growing and making above average salaries. If you have the mechanical aptitude, and enjoy being around the water, look into the training and education needed to become a marine mechanic.