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Graphic Design

A graphic design degree can launch a fulfilling career where you can balance your artistic creativity with the ability to make a living. Graphic designers create the layout and design of magazines, advertisements, brochures, newspapers, and websites. One interesting specialization in graphic design is branding, which is the creation of the logos, color schemes, and all other graphical elements that express a corporation's identity. Another is packaging design, where the containers for retail products are created with an eye toward attracting attention, enhancing branding, and delivering essential information as quickly as possible.

If, like many creative people, you tend to be an independent person who enjoys working in quiet solitude, you may find a graphic arts degree the perfect start to a career where you can work as an independent contractor, enjoying the autonomy of a day spent in your private studio, emerging only for presentations to clients. The more sociable graduates of graphic design degree programs can be found working as members of the creative team at an advertising or web design agency, where they gain inspiration from the camaraderie and competition. Whether you work solo or on a team, deadlines will be a constant part of your work, and you need to be a person who can meet them without a lot of outside pressure. Despite the occasional stress, a graphic arts degree can bring you the perfect marriage of self-expression and self-sufficiency as it propels you into an exciting career where art and business coexist profitably.

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