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Communications Technology

100 years ago, you were special if you had a phone in your home. Neighbors and friends would gather at your house to marvel at this wondrous invention that seemed to defy all logic. These days, you are something special if you do not have a cell phone. Your neighbors and friends almost seem to resent you because of your inaccessibility and lack of connectivity. In a very short time, communications technology has literally revolutionized the way we stay connected.

Progress didn't just stop at telephones. The radio, television, computer, Internet, and wireless networks have made it easier and cheaper to stay in touch. What once took weeks via train or horse can now happen in milliseconds in cyberspace. Communication has become a way of life. Without it, we begin to fall apart. Have you ever forgotten your cell phone at home? It's the worst feeling ever. You feel naked, unconnected, and frustrated.

There are countless jobs in this growing field. Telecommunications, wireless networking, computer programming, and Web site design are some of the more popular areas. As with any other occupation sector, a strong education coupled with formal training will propel you much farther than if you lacked qualifications. However, what type of school or program you attend is entirely dependent on what aspect of communications you want to study. After all, Web design is very different from wireless networking. Thus, your curriculum must be tailored to address these differences.

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