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Computer Support Technician

It happens to all of us. We're typing, typing, typing, and "boom." The computer goes dead. For one reason or another all computers run into difficulties. At times like these, we skim through the manual, do some troubleshooting steps, and then call tech support. The computer support technician (knight in shining armor) helps us get back online, back on track, and back into sanity. If you enjoy helping others, have a love of computers, and possess a desire to expand your current understanding, you might consider a career in this field.

In this role, your job is to help customers troubleshoot whatever problems they are having. In most cases, you'll work from a call center, and thus, will not have direct access to the computer in question. As such, you'll need extensive knowledge in computers and software if you want to work in this field. A degree in computer science, programming, or engineering will certainly help, but most employers will also require on-the-job training as well. Each individual system is different so you'll need to become an expert on whatever platform or program your company specializes in.

Because you help save the day time and time again, you can be sure that you'll derive great satisfaction from your work. Helping people out of a jam is a great feeling. And because computers will always continue to break (especially as they become more sophisticated), there will be plenty of demand for people who know how to fix them.

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