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Help take the stress out of substitute teaching. Having a substitute teacher plan before you walk into the classroom is one of the substitute teaching tips you may get. A good substitute teacher plan can help you immediately direct the children in any classroom, take a lot of the stress out of your job and make teaching fun. These plans are so helpful, that even if it is not a requirement for substitute teaching job applications, you should include a sample substitute teacher plan anytime you submit your substitute teacher resume for new job opportunities. When you submit a substitute teacher plan with your resume, you may demonstrate that you are expert in your field and clearly outline your experience and commitment to the job.


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If you have never created a substitute teacher plan, don't worry. There are many resources available to help you write one. You can do a search on the internet for websites offering substitute teaching plan materials. Many websites will allow you to download substitute teaching tips or a sample substitute teacher plan for free. You can also buy books to find the perfect substitute teacher plan for many different types of coursework. Some full-time teachers will also create a substitute teacher plan for their classrooms to make your job as easy as possible, but you should never count on getting one.

Class Room Management is The Key

Some of the most important elements to include in your substitute teacher plan can include classroom management ideas, your own personal discipline plan, time-filling activities, daily school schedules, school policies, lesson plans for each grade level by subject, a substitute teaching tip handbook for difficult situations, learning games you can play in the classroom and worksheets you can fill to report back to the teacher about how students behaved and how well they seemed to learned the information you taught.

If you need to create a plan as a requirement for substitute teaching jobs, you can start with the aforementioned ideas and then continue to update your substitute teacher plan anytime you think of a good addition. Many new ideas will be the result of hard days on the job, but some will come from the most successful days you have. If you think that you get better interaction from students when you have small prizes to reward them, you can also start putting together a goodie bag that you can bring with you to each classroom.

For more ideas on how to create teacher plans that are a requirement for substitute teaching jobs, or to find out what teacher schools you should submit your application to, please visit the teacher education section of our website. Or, if you would like to apply for a permanent teaching job, you can also find information about schools that are currently looking for teachers across the country. We have all the resources you need to build your successful career in education.