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Substitute Teaching Jobs are an important step to a rewarding teaching job

Substitute teaching jobs are a great way to gain classroom experience, supplement your income and prepare for a full time job as a teacher. Although substitute teaching jobs have had a somewhat negative reputation in the past, there are many different resources readily available now, like a substitute teacher handbook, which can help you overcome the initial challenges and really thrive in every classroom you enter. There are also many overlooked benefits to substitute teaching jobs than you may realize.


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Some of the most positive aspects to substitute teaching jobs are that your schedule is extremely flexible. If you have another job or need to attend daytime classes you are taking for your own education, substitute teaching can be a part-time job that allows you to accept assignments anytime it works with your schedule - one or two days every week, once a week or as many days as your current priorities allow. Substitute teaching jobs also pay pretty competitively compared to other part-time jobs, so you should not have to worry as much about making ends meet. Lastly, you should remember that substitute teaching jobs will never require that you work during any holiday.

Tips on How to Become a Substitute Teacher

When you ask the experts how to become a substitute teacher, the first thing they will tell you is to fill out the applications for substitute teaching jobs within the school districts you are the most interested in. Once your application is accepted, you should join a union to make sure will receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to. You should also make sure you read through each school district's substitute teaching jobs contract in detail, especially if you are earning a higher education while substitute teaching part time. Most districts require that you have a bachelor’s degree, and some districts may pay you more if you are in school to earn your master’s degree or already have one.

Before you make your classroom debut, it is important that you read through as many helpful tools as you can so your first few substitute teaching jobs are a success. You can start by reading through a substitute teacher handbook and other related articles online. There are many free articles and tips that can give you a preliminary education about substitute teaching right here on our website. So, if you want to learn more about how to become a substitute teacher or find any other job in the field of education, please visit the teacher education section of our website.